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Advanced Systems for your Home using the latest Technology

With the newest CCTV systems having similar technology as the computers we deal with on a daily basis, we can now offer the latest in Home Security Camera Systems.
Here at Wilmslow Computers we have researched to find the most suitable system to protect your property, making sure we can offer a well built, durable system with all the modern features on offer and being within a price range that makes it suitable for every home owner.
We have sourced 4K cameras with features that set them apart from the rest. The image clarity is more than 4x that of 1080p. This allows more details to be captured plus the option of coloured night vision.
We offer free, no obligation surveys to discuss your requirements and show you the various options we have on offer.


Anything you can do to prevent a break-in is worth the effort and expense. Average burglars only have a few minutes to get in and out, so the less obstacles and risks they face, the easier their job is. 
A recent report found that 47% of burglaries are 'spur of the moment'. Opportunists who look for an easy 'grab and go' opportunity.
Visible deterrents can be fundamental in helping to prevent your home from being targeted and make you feel safer.
Remember, they will know if your alarm or outdoor security cameras are good enough for them to worry about. They say burglars break into unsecured homes three times more often than homes which have good, noticeable security.

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With the development of Modern CCTV systems being connected & configured the same as computer interfaces, we have naturally progressed with already having the skills and knowledge to be able to offer the latest in Surveillance and CCTV systems .  Here at Wilmslow Computers we have researched and tested many different systems to find the most suitable system to protect your property, making sure we can offer a well built, durable system with all the modern features on offer and being within a price range that makes it suitable for every home owner.

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The primary reason you install a security camera is to make your home more secure. Whether placed inside your home or mounted on the outside, these cameras can alert you if they spot or hear any suspicious activity so you can take action. All cameras have motion detection, so they will send you an alert - however, there can be differences in how sophisticated and customisable detection works. For example, some cameras let you set detection zones so you are only alerted if they spot anything in that area. Others offer specific functions for detecting people, faces, cars and even parcels that have been delivered. We can tailor in detail exactly what detection features you want a camera to offer.


Many people use an indoor security camera to help them feel connected to their pet dog or cat while away from home. You can check on what the animal is doing to see if they are seeming anxious or doing something naughty.



We're all buying more and more things online, and that means a steady stream of delivery drivers leaving parcels at your home. An outdoor security camera can keep an eye out for any deliveries, and you can then instruct the person to leave the item in the safest place possible. We also flag if cameras we've reviewed have package detection so they can spot if a parcel has been left in your garden.


Even if you are just going away for a weekend, it can give peace of mind to be able to check in on your home via a camera and give you reassurance that all's quiet on the home front. Ultimately the camera provides you with eyes and ears on your home that are accessible from your smartphone whenever you feel like checking in.



If you have an elderly relative, you could place a security camera where the person lives to keep an eye on them. This can be useful to check they are safe or if there is a problem at the house, or even just to check in and see how they are doing via the two-way talk. Just make sure that they have given the permission for you to set the camera up so that their privacy isn't unfairly intruded.


We take care of everything, from the initial free of charge security survey through to supplying the cameras, installing, setting up the software and showing you how to use it on a smartphone or computer. 

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Advanced Clarity

Incorporating the latest in design technology, day or night you can view a new level of details and colours that wasn’t possible before.


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